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Leadership Today - Practical Tips For Leaders

Oct 8, 2019

Welcome to Midweek Motivate. The middle of the week can be tough for leaders. The goal of midweek motivate is to give you one practical idea that you can try for yourself or with your team right away. And this week we’re looking at making the first day at a new job great.

The first day in a new job can feel quite overwhelming, but there are some simple things we can do as leaders to make the first day great.

Here are some quick tips to try with new people joining your organisation:

  1. Make contact before the first day. Give the person a call the week before they start to let them know how excited you are that they are joining.
  2. Buddy new people up. Introduce the new person to someone within the organisation before they start. This allows them to ask the ‘stupid’ questions - what people tend to wear, what time people typically turn up - all of those questions can be answered before they start.
  3. Have everything ready. Technology, stationery, and any other resources they may need. I once started a new job and arrive to find an assortment of random boxes on my desk and no computer. I was told there were some delays with the technology and I would get a laptop the next week. I spent a whole week working on a Blackberry. Having everything ready communicates that you really care.
  4. Build connections. Set up some meetings to help the person get to know the organisation and key people.
  5. Be there. As a leader, show up. Make sure you’re physically there on their first day. This makes a real difference.
  6. Leave a small gift on their desk. Think about something you learned about the person during the selection process and give them a small gift that reflects that interest. That’s what people talk about with their friends.

What are your tips for making the first day great? Send them to