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Leadership Today - Practical Tips For Leaders

Feb 22, 2021

It is day two of the radical reflection challenge. Yesterday we explored our values and the need to reassess our lives against these values from time to time. Today we are focused on success.

Success is a tricky topic to cover for a range of reasons. Success is different for different people. Society tends to portray certain things in the context of success - whether that be wealth, fame, beauty or anything else. There is a risk of chasing others’ definitions of success. It is all too easy to adopt someone else’s view of what success should be, rather than having our own definition of success.

Here are a few key thoughts about success:

  1. You can and should define what success means for you. If you don’t define success, then someone else will. It is all too easy to climb a ladder only to discover it is leaning against the wrong wall - don’t let that happen to you. You define success for you.

  2. It’s okay for your definition of success to change over time. It is sometimes easier to think of success relating to seasons of your life. For example, your idea of success might be different when you’re studying, early in your career, in the middle of your career, later in your career, and in your retirement. Sure, your values may be consistent, but it is fine to change your definition of success to reflect the season you are in.

  3. Success is accomplishment. It is completing or achieving something. It is a point in time - a moment when you know you’re successful. So if you want to be successful, you need to set goals. And once you have been successful, you need to set some new goals.

  4. Success can feel pretty pointless by yourself. We are created as social beings. Are there people you can team up with in pursuit of success? Are there people you can cheer on? Then why not partner up with them.

You will find some questions to help you reflect about success in your workbook. Make sure you note down some thoughts.