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Leadership Today - Practical Tips For Leaders

Feb 23, 2021

Welcome to day three of the radical reflection challenge. We are at the midway point of our challenge, so it’s a great opportunity to think about how you are doing. You might want to consider what’s working well or not so well for you in this challenge. Perhaps you might mix things up and try moving your reflection and review to a different time of day, or vary the location. 

Today’s focus is on learning and growth. I love the quote from John Henry Newman who says “Growth is the only evidence of life”. I would go so far as to say that growth is the purpose of life. Without growth we cease to truly be living.

The catch with growth and learning is the discomfort they create. Learning new things means making mistakes, falling short and occasionally bruising our knees. Learning something new creates uncertainty and, generally speaking, we hate uncertainty.

You have probably come across the Johari Window before. It’s a simple framework that compares what we know about ourselves versus what others know about us. There are some things we know about ourselves that others also know - that’s the arena that is on display. Then there are things we know about ourselves that others don’t know - that’s the things we mask. There are things others see in us that we don’t see in ourselves - that’s the blind spot, which could either be good or bad. That leaves one more option - those things we don’t know about ourself that others also don’t know. That’s where the greatest opportunity for growth occurs. It is where we try genuinely new things. So today’s questions in your workbook ask you to consider your learning and growth over the past year, but also challenge you to look forward to new challenges and opportunities for growth. Take a deep breath and dive in. I will see you again tomorrow.