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Leadership Today - Practical Tips For Leaders

May 26, 2020

Welcome to midweek motivate, where our goal is to build your leadership and give you something practical to try with your team.

We are part way through a six week coverage of the Six Daily Practices of Outstanding Leaders. So far we’ve looked at the importance of Reflecting, Inspiring and Developing. The fourth daily practice that we will explore today is Connecting.

Deci and Ryan describe three basic human needs that we all have - competence, autonomy and relatedness. We need to feel confident and effective, and also have a sense of control. But we also need to feel we belong, that we are cared for, and have an opportunity to care for others. That might all sound too warm and fuzzy for some. Do organisations really need to provide this sense of belonging and care? Can’t people just sort that out on the weekends?

But those same people may well want increased productivity, collaboration, and integration across departments. They are the organisational benefits of leaders that focus on Connecting. Connecting is the glue that holds the organisation together, while also sustaining people to deliver into the future.

How are you going as a leader when it comes to the daily practice of Connecting? Here’s a quick checkup.

Leaders who focus on Connecting regularly undertake four activities:

  1. Connect people with potential supporters - as a leader you don’t need to be the sole source of support and encouragement. Help people to find mentors and other supports across the organisation.
  2. Identify organisation-strengthening opportunities - Connecting leaders proactively develop ways to bring different divisions, departments and teams together.
  3. Build teamwork - they invest in helping the team to come together and perform more effectively. They recognise it’s about task, process and relationships.
  4. Provide support and encouragement - Connecting leaders care for people and help them to feel that they belong.

I’m sure, of that list, there are at least one or two actions you could dial up this week. If you want to review the list I’ve included them in the show notes. Have a great week.