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Jun 15, 2021

Welcome to day three of the growing gratitude challenge. 

We’ve long known about the benefits of exercise, but there’s also evidence of increased positive outcomes by just being in nature. Peer reviewed research studies have found that green areas, parks and forests are particularly beneficial. There’s something about greenery and foliage which helps. The studies have found that increased time in nature can elevate your mood, reduce stress, increase creativity, boost memory, build team cohesion, help physical health and even reduce mental illness. These studies are careful to control for things like over-crowding and socio-economic status. There’s something special about nature.

But there’s a difference to being in nature and actually taking time to be grateful for the experience of being in nature. 

Today’s challenge is pretty simple. I’m just asking you to take some time in nature to reflect and appreciate what you have, even in your immediate area. That might involve going for a walk, sitting on a park bench, or dusting off that bicycle to go for a ride. Perhaps the weather is conspiring against you. If that’s the case, then even taking time to look out a window at nature can help. If you can’t do that from your workplace or home, perhaps go for a quick drive to somewhere you can observe nature. 

In your workbooks you can write down what you are noticing and how it is making you feel. Also, reflect on your overall mood and positivity. It’s likely you will start to see some changes even after three days of focusing on gratitude.

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